Saturday, July 26, 2008

Señor Kent Tango House
Talcahuano entre Sarmiento y Peron
Barrio San Nicolas
Centro, Buenos Aires.

Photos of the apt taken after the remodel in 2008.

A Best Kept Secret

You couldn’t ask for a better location. Downtown you are at the center of everything. If you love to walk, as I do, you are within 15 minutes from literally hundreds of restaurants, coffee houses, shops, and cultural venues. But when you need to reach further out in the city, several subway lines intersect nearby as do a dozen important bus routes, providing even more options for navigating the city. And of course there are inexpensive taxis everywhere to take you anywhere.

Less than 2 blocks away is Corrientes offering world class theatre and dance performances. If you are here for the shopping and tango, you won’t be disappointed either. There are many important milongas and dance studios less than a 10 minute walk away. El Beso, Maipu 444, Porteño y Ballerin, Niño Bien, El Arranque, and Confiteria Ideal are all downtown. San Telmo with several milongas is an easy 25 minute walk away. There are at least 7 Tango clothing and shoe boutiques within a 15 minute walk.

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The Apt Location and Milongas within walking distance.

The Apt is represented by the Green marker. Milongas are Rose colored. Schools are Purple. All markers visible at this map size are within a 5 to 30 minute walk from the Apt. You can click on any marker to learn more about it.

And while you are out and about, don’t forget to stroll down Avenida de Mayo past some wonderful architecture for a medialuna and espresso at the historic 150 year old Café Tortoni(6 Blocks) or vist Zivals on the corner of Callao and Corrientes for the latest tango CD’s(5 blocks). You can also walk to a handful of interesting shopping districts and malls: Galleria Pacifico(12 blocks), Lavalle(3 blocks), Florida(8 blocks), Abasto Shopping(20 blocks), Santa Fe/Callao(9 blocks).

To really savor the city, you’ll want to explore further. Your “must see” agenda, is bound to include: Teatro Colon(3 blocks), Congreso(6 blocks), Casa Rosada(10 blocks), the cobblestoned streets of San Telmo with its Artists and Antique Dealers(16 blocks), Recoleta with its wonderful architecture, museums, and impressive Cemetery(18 blocks), Puerto Madero with its locks and renovated brick warehouses(12 blocks), and the Reserva Ecologica(18 blocks).

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The Apt Location and important city sights within walking distance.

The Apt is represented by the Green marker. All purple markers visible at this map size are within a 5 to 30 minute walk from the Apt. You can click on any marker, each representing a signt of interest, to learn more about it. Useful subte stops are also noted. The subte is still a bargain at under 1 peso.

Video of the apt---centrally located, quiet, excellent ambient light.
Click on the movie for a tour of the apartment, the patio, and the view.

The Apt

The apt is large with 100m2 of living space and a huge 34m2 patio. The ambient lighting is wonderful, something often overlooked until check in. The afternoon breeze off the river also keeps the apt fresh and comfortable. Last year the aircon system was needed only once. The air is truly better than deeper in the city. It helps to be the 5th floor and top of the building.

And the apartment is quiet. The first time I walked in I couldn’t believe how silent it was from the busy streets below. The patio wall acts as a buffer, unlike an open balcony, and you’ll feel like you’re in your own private park setting surrounded by an abundance of flowering plants and green trees. The apt is the perfect place for daily meditation, tango lessons, or practice.

Depending upon the time of year, the apt may be rented exclusively or as shared housing. In either case, you have lots of privacy. You have your own large bedroom with queen size bed. You basically have your own bathroom. And you always have unlimited use of the lovely patio, living room, study, and kitchen. When I'm in town I am happy to recommend city tours, cultural activities, shopping excursions, lesser known milongas, tango schools and teachers, Spanish classes, and yoga studios. And you are welcome to accompany me to the milongas.

I’ve also traveled and camped in Patagonia, Bariloche, Salta, Iguazu Falls, as well as the South American countries of Chile, Bolivia, Paraquay, Uruguay, Brasil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. I love to travel and enjoy sharing my experiences. While you are off having your own adventure, you can leave your luggage/valuables secure in the apt with me.

What you Get

• 24 hr access to the building
• Wi-Fi Internet throughout the apt and patio
• TV +DVD Player + Movie Collection
• Speaker system for your ipod or laptop
• Library-BsAs references, Spanish Language Texts,  English Novels
• Telephone_ free local calls and answering service
• Bathroom_Tub/shower serviced by large capacity hot water tank
• Furnished Kitchen_Micro, blender, coffee maker, gas stove, large fridge w. freezer
• Bedroom _Air con, wall heater, ceiling fan, skylight, queen sized bed
• A spacious Amoire to accommodate all your Tango shoes and attire
• 2 sets of quality bedding and towels included
• Utilities, taxes, maintenance and management fees are included
• Patio for sunbathing, meditation, enjoying the evening air
•Wall Mirrors for Tango Practice, Yoga, and Private Lessons

Too Good To Be True-How Much?

Prices vary with the season, length of stay, number of people, and whether you are using the apt exclusively or shared with me. Currently the charges should not exceed a budget of US$750 for a month commitment. I am also open to a possible exchange with tangueros and tangueras from France, Italy, Spain, or Japan.

When is the apt available?

Email me with the dates that interest you. The space is ideal for a couple or single person. For reservations and/or more information contact me at:

The apt is located 35 km from Ezeiza International Airport. We can help arrange your safe, secure pick up at local prices.